AOS is committed to promoting reproducibility and data reusability in research, and believe open data and open methodology are indispensable towards achieving this goal. To this end, all primary research articles published by AOS will include source-data and complete information about methodology used (except where such information and data cannot be shared publicly due to confidential or ethical reasons). All source-data underlying AOS articles are made freely available under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0 License) that allows data access without any restrictions. Click here to learn more about CC0 license.

Authors must contact the editorial team in case of any concerns to publishing underlying data. Our editorial team will assess such requests and may accept articles without underlying data where justified. Articles will not be accepted if authors fail to provide proper justification of the missing underlying data.

Where available, authors must submit the data to community recognized, discipline-specific and data-type-specific repositories, and include identifiers such as Accession Number(s) in the “Material and Data Availability” section of the article. Authors should also cite such data in the main text of the article, where appropriate. Please refer to “Recommended Data Repositories” section below for a list of recommended repositories.

If suitable discipline-specific repositories are not available, then data should be submitted to either general repositories (listed in “Recommended Data Repositories” below) or to the AOS data repository. All data files submitted to AOS repository should be well labeled and cited in the main text of the article (such as Data_File1, Data_File2, Dataset1, Dataset2) to ensure readers will refer to the right data files. Data files should be combined into a single zip file during upload. Authors are also allowed to upload multiple zip files where large datasets are available. Authors should contact us if they have large size files that cannot be zipped and uploaded online. We will provide alternate options to transfer the data to us.

Following is a non-exhaustive list of AOS recommended data repositories. For reader convenience, the list has been ordered alphabetically. Authors are allowed to submit their data to other repositories that are not listed here, as long as a repository is community-recognized and actively managed. If you manage a repository, you may contact us to have your repository included in our recommended list.

Computational Biology Repositories

Cytometry Repositories

Health Sciences Repositories

All articles published in AOS, and the underlying data will be made freely available to the research community and general public. Hence, all the datasets where human participants are involved must follow de-identification standard set by HIPAA Privacy Rule. For more information, please refer to the HIPAA Privacy Rule De-Identification Methods.