AOS is committed to promoting open access publishing without embargo or other restrictions. We aim to boost visibility and impact of the research published by AOS by making articles immediately available worldwide to be freely accessed, downloaded and distributed. To make this possible, we charge a nominal Article Processing Charge (APC) that covers the following:

Article Processing Charge (APC):

APC ranges between $149 and $699, depending on the article type, word counts, and the amount of source-data to be hosted on AOS. To make it easy for the authors, we allow flexibility in terms of article length and display items (figures, tables and video files). Authors must refer to “Article guidelines” for information on specific recommendations for each article type. The following tool can be used to calculate APC for your manuscript:

APCs for Revised Articles:

Authors may submit up to 2 revisions for a given article without any APC. Revised articles exceeding this limit will be charged same APCs as the new submission for respective article type.

Using Reviewer and Referral Credits towards APCs:

We developed a credit system to reward our referees for participating in the open review process. Referees will be awarded 200 points for every review report they submit on AOS (excludes referee reports that are submitted towards revised versions of the same article).

We also offer referral credits to already registered AOS members when they invite others to join. 200 points will be awarded for every successful qualifying referral (invited user must register as an author or reviewer on AOS for the referral to qualify).

Reviewers and Referrers may use up to 2400 points per any given calendar year (roughly equivalent to 3 ‘Research Article’ submissions) . Any unused points in a given calendar year will expire and can not be rolled over.

Points cannot be redeemed for a cash value. Please contact us if you have any questions about our reviewer and referral credit program.

Mode of Payment:

Currently, we accept credit/debit card payments only. Authors are required to provide the card details at the time of manuscript submission online. Payments made using a credit/debit card are processed immediately after the manuscript submission. However, authors will be refunded the APC in case the manuscript is not accepted for publication. All payments will be processed in US dollars only.

AOS recognizes that authors may sometimes need the invoice to be sent to their institution or funder directly. We are currently working out the details to start accepting the APCs directly from the author’s institution or funder. We will update this page when we start accepting this mode of payment.

Open Access Funding Sources:

There are increasing number of institutions and funders that provide funding for open access publishing of research articles. You may check whether your institution or funder provides such funding by visiting their website, where available. We are currently working on compiling a comprehensive list of institutions and funders worldwide that support open access publishing. We will update this page when we have the list available.